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D.m.k. - Fuck Greece

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fuck you puusy greeks...

fucking pussies,fucking bitches,fucking faggots,you scared motherfucker greeks

fucking bitch ass greeks,this muthafuks stroke shits,they will do shit,if you dont start shit,you wont pillow shit.
you fags are so lame,is funny when you think about,if you wanna do it,dont think about it,who you gonna kill,whose flag you gonna spill
fucking racist gonna catch a gets spill bitch
who you think you talking to,with a ganster murder shit.which still act tough,when you see head split,
i got it,you know you are the bitches of the world.
Fuck with de greeks sake,other stories dich a to
you are afraid of your women,you beg them,we fuck them,provide them we slim them.
you know you dont want anyone of this albanian gangsters,every goes around,we fucking hate them,so come and try,um gonna kill until then to all you fucking greece,fuck you.

fucking pussies,fucking bitches,fucking faggots,you scared motherfucker greeks

yeaa-h greece is the gayyest nation in the world,the nation full off homos 'n' bitches.
next time open you fucking mouth,we're gonna kill ya homos,and propation through all you bitches...hahah...

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