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Atris Agora - The Infinite Lyrics

Nuk ka akoma asnjë votë

Sound is but a shadow thrilling for a
moment through the ether to sink again
into the fond embrace of silence.
Which, then, is greater—the ripple or the
mighty ocean with its many eaves and eddies?
Creation existing for a second, then gone
forever, or space limitless, supreme?

Life is the passing of a breath, fitful,
uncertain; the tossing of a pebble into the
pool—a splash, a ripple, then stillness
unbroken as before.

Time is a dream. Asleep it lies until
Creation forms suns and stars, whose passing
flight gives day and night and murders
out duration.

I dwell in space. With broadness is my mansion
measured, endless are my domains, boundless
the Spirit that inhabits them. I alone am
free, unfettered, limitless.

Creation bows a slave to those steel bands
of law that are Creation's base. If ye
would freedom seek, search not in all this
plan. It is with Me. I am Freedom, yet
search Me not. For none can share my
liberation till I choose to call form back
to formlessness from whence it came.

I am an Emperor ruling only space. I am
a Priest giving absolution to myself. I am
a Warrior gone forth to fight my shadow—form.
I am a Lover, yearning to clasp my bride—
Creation—in these arms that close on space
alone. I am a Thief, stealing possession

that men may value Me the more. I am
a Murderer who in selfishness slays all
that I may again possess them. I am a
Jealous One, fearing for the souls of
those that live within the broadness of
my presence.

I bow to that ebb and flow that knows no
master and serve with perfect sight
the plan that exists only when I give it
recognition and bid it be.

I answer prayer. I am he who prays.
I curse, and cursed am I. If any strike,
I aim the blow and also I receive it.
I am God, Man, Nature, Beast, and Demon—
all in one.

When men barter, I am the thing they buy.
I am the coin with which all debts
are paid. I am the Earth, the Water and
the Air. Flame flickers out my light
and Spirit dwells alone in Me.

The ground you walk upon—I am that earth.
The air you breathe—it is my breath
which giveth life. I am the food
nourishing myself again in you.

Every word my name; every form my body;
every eye seeing for Me; every sense
telling me of myself; every thought
expounding to Me a portion of my mystery

I tremble in awe before that Majesty
which is myself and bow before my own
reality. Enter the stillness of thy Heart
and pray for Me, for I, the Infinite, have
need of prayer.

Atris Agora
Publikimi: 29/06/2022
Muzika: Atris Agora
Orkestrimi: Atris Agora
Teksti: Manly P. Hall

Atris Agora - The Infinite
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