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Dardan Shkreli - Me Be All Around You (Stalker)  Lyrics

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Me be all around you run away from me!

The sun is kind of huge today, I see no stars above,
And the sun went underground the moment you came around,
You’re finally around – and your deep blue ocean eye!

Earth and Moon and Mars sleeping together by the river,
There’s fridge under the bridge and damn I’m just about to sliver,
Well I’m about to sliver – life’s a lullaby!

Cold up, down hot,
Close to you - to be or not,
Shame on you, you dared to spell,
One day you will burn in hell!

Up too cold, down boiling hot,
Next to you it means a lot,
Please just stop messing around,
Under my feet soon there’ s no ground, no more:

Me be all around – you – run away from me!
We belong together but you’re too blind to see!
Me do care but you I guess no care too much!
You might burn as torch so beware better don’t touch!
...touch, touch, touch, touch,...

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