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Etritt - Life

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Song from the album:

"Mixtape Cv"

It's a long time that we try finding the lyrics to "Life" sung by Etritt.
Your effort will be much appreciated in case you think you can help everybody looking for the lyrics.

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One song with the same title was found and it's sung by Sean Paul. We wish that's the lyrics you are looking for:

Yow yow yow yow!
Some bwoy don't never learn
Never learn
Skin a burn... skin a burn!
Yow yow!
Wah me tell dem

[Verse 1]
Some bwoy don't never learn...
Tell dem put dung di gun cah nuff man skin a burn
But dem still pick it up back, like dem don't give a f**k, dem nah tek nuh chat
Nuff a dem don't concern
Fi nuh like none at all, dem a hustle hard, money gotta earn
Like dem tick a wrong turn
Talk, wi a talk all de truth an bun dem out
Some gyal nah live life right
Fleet an' fly off tek new man, every nite
An a suh gyal fi live dem lives
Cah nuh man nah guh wuk an' tek dem as wife
Some a move like parasites
An' a dem mouth dem out everyting unda my sight
Dis world fi open his eyes...

We only got one life
Believe it-live it, careful how you lead it-lead it
Writings on de wall an wanna know if you can read it-read it
Life... believe it-live it, careful how you lead it-lead it
Writings on de wall an wanna know if you can read it read it

[Verse 2]
Politician an' pastah...
Some a dem good fi lead, some a cause a disastah
Dat's why we nah lissen dem speech
[Life lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]

Cah none a dem practicin' what dem preach
Like money a di mastah
If a dat dem a praise den dem nah guh last yah
We hear de everlasta
Talk wi a talk 'bout de truth an bun dem out
All a who extorta
An' a cause bare pain pon Jah sons an daughta
Dat turn mi eye watah
Fi see de piepl dem a live up in a bare blood bath
Man fi change dem pathyah
Stop lead all di innocent lamb to di slaughta
Earthquake gwain startyah...


[Verse 3]
Dis world on pollution
It a kill off de yutes, an a cause confusion
Climate an di atmosphere, global warrin an dem don't care
Nuff a live inna illusion
Every bam weh yuh drop man a hurt batta bruise an
Dere aint nuh solution
Nuh job, nuh money, nuh food distribution
Dere ain't nuh excuse man
Cah di so called bigga headz a gwaan like a lose man
An a sell out de yute man dem
Issue dem gun fi shoot up dem frien
From a life yuh a choose man
Dem try put yuh foot inna a neks man shoes an
Follow dis conclusïon...




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