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BESSI : Mic. Check , Scarface , Bessi is the matherfuckin life ,op on the cell ,Krimineli move ya ass man get out


I wake up in the morning another day in my cell
i face time like a man like im about to fuck jail
im from albania motherfucker everybody knows im for real
i am talkin about the bitches round there
i am talkin about real people know me i saw this push a man
i use to hang out with big boys 30 years olds drivee fast cars smoking dope
when i know all these people want my gold all my boys
make up minute stops people soul say what comes round goes around
in my case i rob people now im pay for what have done
i get to prision ti young no one give a fuck
i thought i new everything that deal give in side
now everything is so clear no money no bitchez no there for me
a man i survived it made me prision it made me even hard
and i know you have no mother fucking friends in this life just the one to shoot
the number for me you get money spent with the sell fucking regent when you got some everybody sticks around when you run at every motherfucker leave
saying goodbye and trust me G i been through this shit to many times
albanians are police we dont give a fuck what you done who you with
or you bitch im bussin my click albanias motherfucker we gat diss or sick's
so many motherfucker's go stop from albanian click i got to die this shit
to the day i got snitch 4 years for this i mean what i done and everyday and everynight
long time police came around the took my dowr down they took to me the stations
if you asked me they where fucking wasted
(bessi) K.R for 636 is calling waiting for you out there...

Vers: 2

Basted they wished i was dead somewhere on a cascet
you supose i was relase from jail you wish a got left
top on a mothafuckin cell i bust in casest
on a motharcfukin cool the judge start shooting cuz the witness was shoot
what the fuck can i do i was born a crook smoke sniff coke on the top of the book look
you took 4 years stress and tears i close my mouth my eyes and ears dint see nothing
dint say shit stupid mothafucker im loyal to my click we all street thug drug dealers
hustlin everyday we gat links with bisness everybody feel is noise on a phone i bust
couple shoots after that die im gone
diss fucking bitches they know my name
my motherfucker bullet blood for fucking plane
diss fucking bitches they know my name
my motherfucker bullet blood for fucking plane

Goodbya , catch me if u can't u stupid motherfuckez , Scarface

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