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G4Shi - Y.A.G. (You Ain't God)  Lyrics

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I try to be the person that I would like to know
Feel I lost that person a long time ago
Been hurting and I feel like I am dying slow
Try not to get too attached to people who just let me go
They try to water my mellon
Try to have me brainw washed
Want a daughter before heaven
So just have these lames watched
Cause they trying to aim
Trying to have my brains popped
But can't see what my thoughts are homie even if my brain drops
Can't see what I'm thinking
Sitting in the kitchen
Pray to God I make it
While my parents liven
Pray to God I make it
And never go to prison
With these words I paint a perfect picture for these bi**hes listen

You've got your gun pointed right at me
With no trigger trying to shoot me down
You got your hands pointed right at me
With dirty fingers trying to bring me down

Just thinkin bout it makes me vomit
We used to say forever
What happened we both lost it
Split lanes
And you can't admit you caused this
But you walk around like you took this shit the hardest
Keep talking all that garbage (yup yup)
Keep talking all that garbage
Tell your friends that I'm heartless
That makes me use my heartless
As I roll on this chronic
Drink and speak what is honest
Can't believe I left college
Damm this is sucha long process
I'm in the richest country walking around with empty pockets
Surrounded by suckas who are tryin to milk me for my cottage
I'm depressed anxiety makes it hard to just start breathin
In the crib possed another napkin captures my seamen
You'll never get it by dreaming
Never get it by sleeping
Never get it by waiting
You'll never get it by stealing
Claustrophobic trapped in my own body want to start leaving
Questioning religion my world my purpose and my reason

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