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G4Shi - Born Broke

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I don't go to no shul, no mosque, no church
But I still believe that I'll see God when I'm in that dirt
That's why I put my soul & heart on every verse
So when I'm dead and I am gone my kids gon learn
Before I hit that dirt
Puts it down for fam
Gotta get it how I can
Ain't trying to die another f**king rock up in that sand
Could have easly got the rock got the pot and the pan
But the verse is hot tell ya pops to get the fan
Born broke ain't gon die broke that's someshit I'm gonna change
My friends is acting different telling me I'm actin strange
I guess is just the game
And nothing is the same
Let these haters feel my pain
When I pull up in the range
Cause I ain't never have shit
Last year baggin bi**hes in my dads whip
I shed a tear when I see him get his ass kicked
By his boss cause he was late stuck in that traffic
This world is plastic
Love will get you sad quick
Friends will get you MADD quick
Alone making this classic
Mama don't pick up the phone cause family talking mad shit
Wishin me luck but hoping shit don't work out like a fat bi**h

Born Broke ain't gon die broke
That's someshit I'm gonna change
That's someshit I'm gonna change
That's someshit I'm gonna change
That's someshit I'm gonna change
(I'm what they talkin bout)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah ya ya yeah!

Everybody getting on I'm just trying to keep up
Moms in dept no disrespect my family members cheap f**ks
Need God hard work I don't really need luck
Paper chasen no time wastin bust a move or eat dust
Now look at how they treat us
Said that I was decent
Betrayed me like Jesus
But now they really need us
Wasn't no believers
Raised the bar
They can't reach us
GASHI bumpin on every corner they just bumpin to revis
Claiming that they riding
Complaining bout they milage
Money starting subsiding
All of them went hiding
Now I'm driving
No need for no suckas
Werd to my mother
College drop out no plan b or rubber still gon make that cover bi**h
Made hot97 cried like a bi**h
Made mtv busta said I was the shit
With no budget kid ima do it big
I don't sleep I take long blinks

Oh I hear them talking I'm what they talking about

Oh I hear them talking I'm what they talking about


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