Killua - Hollow  Lyrics

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Came out the hit with his blood on my shirt
Don't want forgiveness for cash you get murked
My lack of options put you in the dirt and I do not feel anything off of these percs. (2x)

Pray for me
But there ain't no savin me
There ain't no savin me
Why did you anger me
Put you in danger see
Not where you wanna be

Empty the clip in his chest it might leave a mark
I hang with goons know we rockin like Linkin Park
AR 15 catch some hollow tips in the dark
I got the glicks like an ignorant Tony Stark

You ain't never met another nigga like me
Look into your eyes as I watch you f**kin bleed
Tell me where the drugs I need molly I need weed
Call the feds pussy
I don't give a f**k who sees!

I got em in his momma's yard
He dipped when I hopped out the car
Fuck nigga swore he was hard
Talkin reckless off the bars
I pull out that blade like a samurai
If you get close I might stab out ya f**kin eye
Why you surprised that you all are below me
I call missions like a Jounin
Blunt to the face like a dope fiend
Hollow heart bi**h you don't know me
Hollow heart bi**h you don't know me
Hollow heart bi**h you don't know me

Heart ache
Watch his body break
Do it 'cause i'm paid
By the way
If you in my sights
Imma pull that sythe

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