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Killua - SafeHouse  Lyrics

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I that hope nobody notice me
Or the hole where my heart should be
Sippin hennesey endlessly
Till my thoughts don't make sense to me
Till my thoughts don't make sense to me why the f**k is it hard to see
That i'm cold and i'm distant
Thinkin about comin up missin
So f**king what if I did it
Everyone got a limit
And honestly it's lookin like there ain't no reason for livin
Ain't no comfort in life
Ain't no comfort in death
All I know is f**k this hell where all we do is live check to check
That or go grab the tech
Dead or you call collect
Drugs make us all forget
What was the source of the stress

Innocence up and left
Anger I must suppress
Hatred I must address
Regret I must confess
Slave to the mess unless
Bullets hit straight through my chest
And leave me alone with no breath
Burn me to 4th degree
Leave all my ashes at sea
Fist fight, on sight
I'm taking his pride with me

Blunt ride
Off the late night
Black sky
It's not safe outside

Blue and red lights
Fist fight
Iron sights
Better hold it tight

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