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Orges & Ockus Rockus Band - Life Of A Dog

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Gjuha origjinale e këngës

Teksti origjinal i këngës
A dog’s life it is, day in and day out
My life, a hairy dog, or so it turns out
A soul’s highway that knows no end
I can only love it more, from start to end!

I am just a bad poet of myself
No words to depict you as you are
A broken glass of wine for a companion
The place to get lost and forsaken!

A faithful dog to this path I will remain
A tough one, but beautiful all the same
In your asphalt I wallow to the end of time
After I can be said to have lost my mind!

Don’t dwindle man, catch the moment
For you will never find another
Eat, drink, get drunk and make love
Or else you have accomplished nothing!
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