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JANEX - Someday

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Someday,we gonna run away
Run away,
We gonna be...free.
Someday,we gonna fly
Till the dawn,to the sun.

Ages and faces and places,
All covered in gold,
We are the ones,
Who'll never grow old.

I can hear,I can hear
I can hear the sea,
I can hear,
The spirit of me..

This is a song and a video made with no budget ,but by only of some young artists will and passion.
This video and song is about collaboration and hope.

A movie directed by Donald Braho & Ergys Meta
Music by Janex & Gjergj Kacinari
Starring : Arbies Komoni,Edit Halili,Anesti Bardhi (the young guy) & Hamit Tali (The Old man)

Looking forward for your comments.
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