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G4shi - What They Know

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Bitch dont you dare waste my time
If we aint fucking dont hit up my line
Ruth in this booth when i rhyme
smokie just pitch and i hit everytime
You gon start losing your mind
Tryin to find out what the fuck is in mine
Tell them to roll out the carpit
Aint letting them slide we letting them burn and just die
Dressed to kill everytime
Bo need for no gun and no need for a knife
I pull in that ride and im bagging your wife
And im fucking your life and im doing it twice
Tell all these the hate just aint working start telling more lies
White man cant jump why the fuck im so fly
Pussies belong inbetween a few thighs
Owe me 10 dollars aint giving me 9
G4shi G4shi when the fuck is you gon blowup
Got a show on monday buy a ticket bitch and show up
G4shi G4shi you should do a song with RITA
Bitch i packed out austin without Jayz i dont needed her
Im moven it quick 4 day 3 nights 2 flights more than 1 whip
Doing my thing and im killin this shit
Sunday cant liv you know what it is
Getting these chips then i dip and i flee
Like an ALBANIAN dish
No need for no bricks
Kids from my high school still talking that shit
Tell them quit lying get off of my dick

(4x)WTF do they know
Tell em quit lyingget off of my dick

Its a new age fuck race kids stuck in they new ways
Hypebeast get ya boards ready hop up on this new wave
New face sippin this kool aid
While listening to ye new slaves
I came from the bottom the bottom the bottom
Killin these beats shot em i shot em i shot em
They jock em they jock em
They copy they copy
Always so fresh and i never dress sloppy
Biggie came back up in a white body
I am the label so you cannot stop me
Mama seed stacking and stacking wasubi
All over the bread got me feeling so poppy
Im making these hits got me feeling so papi
All of these stacks got me feeling so cocky
Taking more shots then the samm paparazzi
Your girl in my lobby give me sloppy toppy
My dick is so big i might need me a dolly
She beatin my meat got me feeling so rocky
Im dumbing it down for that rollie just watch me
No you cannot stop me no you cannot stpo me
Im getting started irun in to fans as im looking for parking
Mama cannot aford no coffins
This shit is exhausting
Im chasen this money no time to start joggin
They see that you ballin
That eagle is coming without brian dawkins

(2x)If you got a Problem with me
If you got a Problem with me tell me

(2x)Why you telling everyone else
Why you telling everyone else but me
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