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Dardan Shkreli - Here's Why

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Gjuha origjinale e këngës

Teksti origjinal i këngës
Morning sun, please go away!
I’m feeling lazy as every day,
Once more I’ll close my eyes – my thoughts begin to play!

Suddenly beamed up down town,
Another king without a crown,
In this part of world I am the saddest clown!

It doesn’t matter – not much to do,
There’re lot of us will just sleep through,
Let’s just pretend the grass is green and sky is blue.

Half as bad, it could’ve been worse,
Although we’re poor we’re still on course,
‘Cause we’ve got style, we’re stars, we’re kings without a horse!


Tra-la-la as happy as we are!
Eat and drink and sing and dance – in K-Bar!
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