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G4Shi - Love Less

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A perfect picture I drew money to blow feel the breeze...
You can lose it all in a flash before the cheese
Like the last drop of tooth paste they wanna squeeze
Madd shocked my favorite rappers two faced wannabe's
Getting paid every two weeks is too weak...
Sold trees and copped me some new threes
Left school and I threw peace
Risen my looseleaf
And when it came to dressing I blew cheese
Bread over bed they be like when does this dude sleep?
Dead over snitching mute our vocals we don't speak
Social media turned my homies to new creeps
They waiting on my tweets to see if my heart beats
I eat with my team you compete with your team
I'm loyal to my team I never cheated on my team
I'm chasen on my dream no new people in the crew
I guess you always mad when I pull a you on you

I used to show em love
Now I show em love less
Since I got some success
They causin me too much stress

I used to show em love
Now I show em love less
Since I got some success
They causin me too much stress

I've been through so many hard times
Fuck a part time
Bad memories but never lost my hard drive
Madd frenemies trying to take a hard dive
In a pool full of money but its all mine
Slow grind better than no grind
Cut off your shady homies guarantee you all shine
She trying to reach for my wallet I let her blow mine
But when it come to the pocket I play the o line I protect it
A lot of rappers grow on trees but it seems none of these rappers grow on me
Should have ate your subs whyd you throw them all on me
Ate ya food left you the dishes blame it all on me
They put money on my head I got it on my mind
Its either you kill em dead or its a suicide
Hope you got that line dropped it strictly
For your nose
I catch a body every feature faster than a cold...
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