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A Love Letter To You

If what is out there, is a terrible truth
I will cover your ears so you can't hear,
If I see you cry,my heart shivers,
'Cause your tears are what I can't bear

If what is out there, is something that hurts you,
I will cover your beautiful eyes so you can't see
In the road I will walk in front of you,
Protecting you,'cause you mean the world to me.

Even if I gave the world, it wouldn't be enough,
It wouldn't compere to how much I love you,
When I see the smile in your pretty face,
I can't even breath, I forget how to.

I love to see your hair taken by the wind,
And love how in front of you, the sun loses its light,
I even love how you yell or scold me,
Because for me everything you say is right.

I can't tell what you think of me,
I'm no detective, not that smart,
But still I hope that through this letter,
My true feelings could reach your heart,

- Poezi nga Kristina Keka

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