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Lil Wayne - Nigga Like Me Lyrics

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(feat. Currency & Bezel)

Yo here's a lil sometin bout a nigga like me
Currency should of neva learn bout how to click the key
Or how to grip a glock come through control da block
Throw ur Bentley off a cliff and call it da Bentley drop
These boys can't stop the well dressed maaan
No im not enrolled in school but I am a fresh man
And all my homies not getting married but im the best man
These nig*az mite not understand
I guess I gotta stop pitchin fast throw it wit my underhand
Yeaa … tryin a make center to da rucker maannn
Me and weezy comin wit dem burners in our hand
U wanna jam like smuckaz and (shyt)
The difference between us and young honey
Is our jacket chinchilla they shyt straight bunny
Fuck bi*ches young money
And slitches on my switch four I slick from me

[LiL' Wayne:]
I tell em' da bi*ch ride da di*k like a new Honda
Wit da cops behind her im kinda
Sorta watcha calla'
Superstar now some on tryin f*ck some superstars mouth
Straight up and the guns come wit the money
And the work come with the luggage
Fuck it
These nig*az talking big wit a rapper budget
I get paid off rappers buddy
And I aint f*ckin wit da rat pack
I pull up as any day wit some tap tap
And that's that
Im the wildest from the the wolfpack
Back back
U aint notin but a snack pack
And when u runnin don't look back
cuz im be coming out dat back pack
clap clap
and rrrat rrrat
yaa young weeza
money over bi*ches
reporting to u motherf*ckers live from da kitchen

[Juelz Santana:]
hahaha a man wayne dey gone be mad at dys
I mean see nig*az already hate u and hate what u do
Niggaz already hate me and hate what I do
Them nig*az gotta hate wat we do

CLS Five hundred AMG kit
Know the haters be sick when I drive through
Ride through two miles an hour
So everybody sees me
Bumpin that Carter 2 my nigga weezy
F baby
F U Pay me
I hustle… cops come I tell em F U Jay see
Catch me if you can Im the gingerbread man
In the V8 all white sedan
Im too cool
Inside butter yea tan in da seat
Same color as da sand in da beach
Im too cool
And my money come in boot coozoo
So screw u broke dudes who hate me cuz im too cool
And u kno I keep da piece on me
My gun speaks it own language like E-40 see shorty
Da piece pop ya your scream poppa
Too late your brains already beachcabla

Da Nigga bezel da pretty drop
U can tell dat im pretty hot
Masta of da swagga (yes)
Hell of a diddy bop
Fresh of da scale
Den I sell it on any block
Move from 12 ..12
Then I step on dem cindablocks
Im getting guack ..they give me chips
I give em rocks
Gorilla clip..they give me lip I give em shots
The mac on my lap
I rat it to tat
And blow rounds that's how I go round
Matta a fact I blow pounds
Clappin da gat ..Gassin da lack
I slow down the rats protect

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Lil Wayne
Publikimi: 01/01/2007

Lil Wayne - Nigga Like Me
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