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Lil Wayne - Pop That Pussy Lyrics

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Hold up, Hold up is that who I think it
Is coming in here

Girl That's Cassidy

Hold on lets go to the dressing room
Get our self together put our
Pussy poppers on. We gon make
This money tonight

Girl let me see you pop it pop it for that
Paper pop pop it pop it pa-pop it
For that paper drop then pop pop it
Pa-pop it for that paper
Then let me hit the blow
And pop it for the paper

I'm a hustla so I be on the grind
I always got the money and the bi*ches on my mind
And I was born to dine
So every where I goes at
The first thing I wanna know is where them hoes at
Where them girls that be takin off they clothes at
And where them girls that be slindin down them poles at
Where them freaks at where dem where dem freaks at
Who will get down on the floor and make they cheese stack
The type of girl that let another girl eat that
And if you gotta couple dollars you can beat that
Where my girl who be out there on the creep at
Where them freaks at I had to repeat that
Cause I'm a freak too I get that from my father
Since I can remember I been poppin my collar
You brought a dollar then holla believe that
Girl ya pu*sy powerful cause niggas need that

Yea lil shawty fine lil shawty bout that paper
So I'm poppin bands I'm out here reppin for Dacada
Always be that fresh I guess that why they get my flavor
You a pill popper bi*ch so do us all a favor
Turn around and bust it open DJ call a waitress
Ima make it rain what she be makin on the basis
Pop them rubber bands yall know what it is
Talkin strip club shawty cause I'm payin on some bills
Got them bottle on deck yea this is how I live
Nigga if you and ya lil homie hatin give you both a pill
Only in Atlanta yea this is where it is
If you into rubber throw a hundred dollar bill
Yea shawty fine lil shawty bout that paper
So I'm poppin bands I'm out here reppin for Dacada
Always be that fresh I guess that why she get my flavor
You a pill popper bi*ch so do us all a favor

Uh, well it's the libra baby now come play in my jungle ride my zebra baby
And my hair hang like Tarzan I am the man now be my lady
And u know u wanna be my lady and you know I'm intoxicated yep
I smoke an drink that grade A
And um I like to tounge kiss that's right tongue kiss
I'm talkin diamonds and pearl tongues young prince
And I got them bloods with me bandanna like a hippie
And I tell you this you can be my mistress next to sippii
Lets get it poppin honey now get it poppin shawty
Baby I can make you see more hearts than Ed Hardy
Invite you to my crib I gotta bed party
And I'm the DJ I make you say go DJ

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Lil Wayne
Publikimi: 01/01/2007

Lil Wayne - Pop That Pussy
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