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Noizy - Freestyle 2  Lyrics

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Aaahhh aaahhhh ahhha ahhahha
Yeah ha ha
It goes 1 2 who the fuck are you
Don’t try and do what I do I do it better then you
And 3 to the 4
Ha lets go
I fix it ladies get it get it on the floor
Its goin down baby
No one can stop us
Fuck the police bitch u better call the doctor
Now make it bounce mami just like that
Excuse me young lady can I get a touch back
Make it shake
Make it bounce
Make it boing boing boing
If you cant get it up then my lady wats the point
Make it shake
Make it hot
Make it really really hot
Under the seats mami show me what you got
I like what your doin
Keep playin wit it again
Like u can get your friend if shes really down wit it
It don’t bother me im known as a G
Now quit playin bitch keep suckin on dis shit
Yeah Yeah
Keep suckin
Aaahhh keep suckin on dis shiiit
You noe that I keep it Gangsta
I keep it Gangsta
You noe that I keep it Gangsta
I keep it Gangsta
You noe that I keep it Gangsta
I keep it Gangsta
Yeah One more time
Im like Im like
It’s another round yep its going down homie
Noizy in da building better keep back homie
Cus im a hustla yyeeaahh Im a hustla and you’re a customer biatch you’re a customer
Hold us back who da fuck wanna stop us
I’ll leave em paralysed whoever is tryin to block us
Hit em up shawty let me hit em up bring em to your daddy and let me show em what the fuck is up Put em in the boot in da back of Range Rover
Send the word out OTR is takin over There aint no stopping us no there aint no stopping us
........Soon to come..............

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