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Noizy - Problems  (Feat. DurimKid)  Lyrics

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"Living Your Dream"


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Halow...well in dis one dis time is noizy
So u know it'z the albanian verzion dis time u know

Problems,problems every where dere's problems
If u have a problem, my phonebook will solve 'em
Don't make me call a numba
dat would blow ur ass to pieces
A to the K spray 32 pieces
phonebook gangsta, hustlas,criminels,ryders bitchez, generals
olders that'd die fo' me, youngers that i'd die fo' them
3000 breakers power bitch to my warriors after them
r.a.G no bitch r.i.p rest in peace to them hoes
otr on tha beat, i got killers on my phone book, basicly waiting
For the vocal i've been making, for the bitches that've been hating
U gotta gangsta phonebook, the name it is a killer
cuz noizy comes around and the shit changes to thriller
who got my back, yes you live forever
u try and fuck me dogg, nah never
i'm meeting with my family, i'm smiling with them
i got my hands under the table texting finish them
my phone call is dirty, so i only took some calls
my time is expencive, u can only pay enough
if ur tellephone rings and my name comes up
be brave to pick it up and say Hey boss what up
Noizy's on the phone player what u got for me
give me the bad news, then give me my shit
give me the penny, the pound and the pink nose
give me the purple, the blue and the fake nose
gimme the green heaven, gimme the white hell
i'm pushin all to the limit, as u can tell unikk
phone book, money cash yeap yeap money cash
now go onto urself bitch i want my money cash
u heard what i said, this boy is feeling hungry
i ride up to the burger king
we said get me the money we said gimme the fuckin money
i hear some bitches talkin, gimme my tellephone
now dial his number, tell him spread 'em all now through i'm gone
don't leave no fingerprints, make sure u get away
i spry the same way, like i spread em the other day
no more name hustlas for me, and i wonder where will be
and i wonder where i be, and i get it bloody comming
and i watch em lazies running

Im real till i die, my itches fly high
keep an eye by my side, my shqipez wanna ride
but it's trap in da hood, and i wanna know what's good
OTR will be a reason, no pussy can't shoot
Watch where u walk , ur just a step on a stone, we make the other rappers feel fake to the bone

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