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Shkumbin Tafilaj
  • Vendlindja:
  • Prishtinë 
  • Jeton dhe vepron në :
  • Kosovë 
  • Mosha:
  • 37 Vjeç
  • Ditëlindja:
  • 12 Dhjetor 1983
  • Shenja e Horoskopit:
  • ♐ Shigjetari
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Shkumbin Tafilaj është këngëtar dhe autor këngësh i njohur. Raised in the midst of an intellectual family Shkumbin Tafilaj was encouraged to pursue all his dreams, an ideal that was extended to all four siblings by their very devoted and supportive parents. It is safe to say that having their parents support has played a key role in the success of each and every one of BINI’s siblings; as it was Shkumbin‘s parents goal to ensure that each one of their children receives an excellent education.

Education: Shkumbin Tafilaj attended The University of Pristina where he studied Law, while his professional contribution has been and is at the Academic Development Office- CDC, at the University of Pristina. In addition to his studies Shkumbin also invested in Solfège and took private lessons for voice and singing.

BINI is his artistic name, and as such recognized by the general public, without doubt BINI can be called a creative Albanian art star, one of the few Albanian artist who have devoted their careers exclusively to special artistic expressions.

On the 100th anniversary of the independence of the Albanian state, BINI was chosen by fashion designer Njomeza Luci as the centerpiece Image: Harmony and Disharmony of the Hats. A collection presented with success in AFW 2012.

His profile in the field of fashion has been a valued Fashion Critic, where he developed a sense of fashion and style working under the wing of the Albanian fashion icon and beauty Mrs. Aferdita Paqarada. BINI’s, professional contribution for the past several years have been in the visual media and print of the country and the region, by being original in his professional criticism, and by bringing a new standard of professional expression based on key competencies.

BINI’s inquisitive and innovative artistic expression extends to his interest in writing lyrics and singing.

The music project “ Panta rei”, is a divine expression through interpretation and melody; and, it is dedicated to a very specific and important social cause. This new production will be shared and introduced to the public sometime in the year 2015.

BINI’s texts are a journey through the real world and human intimacy; where, the words express the portrait of life without making a distinction of life or art. Imagination is key for successful writing; and, the rest are the fantasies we find in our universe.

Determined not to negotiate with his passion; and, determined that his creative force experiences its natural flow where sky is the limit and where the power of expression resembles the strength of a hurricane. These are undoubtedly influential points of a character that believes and understands that "History is created by those who break the rules" .

Professional Experience:

Artistic Director:
The collection of high fashion clothing: “ Gogh”
The collection of high fashion clothing: “Miss”

Më datë 1 Shkurt 2016, Shkumbin Tafilaj publikon videoklipin "Panta Rei". Muzika e këngës u punua nga Florent Boshnjaku, teksti u shkrua nga vetë Shkumbin Tafilaj, ndërsa për orkestrimin u kujdes Florent Boshnjaku.

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