Troja - Beautiful World  (Feat. Flaka Krelani)

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Flaka Krelani

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"Amaneti I Clown-It"

I see the light
tell me am i dreaming?

Hey you all who are now living here
Seeking searching dreaming a better life
Can you tell what are you hoping for?
Selling your soul building a lie.
Until you say...

Cause we are living in.
We living in a beautiful world.

I see the light
Tell me am I dreaming?

Is it worth what you are aiming for.
Dont you see the mess left behind?
Dont forget the truth of judgment day.
The price to come will be paid yet to high.

Cause we are living in.
We living in beautiful.

Why did we chosse this way
Tell me Why?
Why feed the greediness
To step behind?
Why change the perfect path
And make it rot?
Ther´s no turning back
What´s left is:

Why? Whyyyy,whyyyy whyyy

Cause we are living in.
We live in...
We are Living In
We livee in..
We are Living in
We Live In beautiful World ,worlddd
Beautiful World,Beautiful world world,
beautiful worldddd

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