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Tema: Poezi Për Babain


Member of the Golgotha Group- Bar II

The right strict typical worker
Height in stature handsome
Radiated power and moral
As rays of birth splendor.

With rare breakable willingness
His meaning full words as constitution
Walking showed energy
Life passed in work and sacrifice.

Seasoned in mining facilities in Golesh- Progres
Educated in the spirit of the Five Pillars
Simplicity as the source of the river
Flowed with honesty into the family chimney.

Calmed the stormy ships in the family
Ran the train with children on the rails
On the eve shared justice impartially
Noted for his given word - manhood.

Patience his proud weapon
Standing stable - manpower
Given word seldom hovered
Continued in the sharp life's labyrinths.

We felt love for his hard work
Felt safe in his presence
Boasted and swore on him
We his descendants.


His tired legs challenge
In the barber shop Doku passes up days
Walks the well known roads in the house
Modest nature thanks The Almighty God.

tyran prizren spahiu
vargje poetike V
pesë shtylla

- poezi nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

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