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Tema: Poezi Dashurie

Coffee With My Bride

Dawn of spring days
Winter thunderstorms
Shower of rain cold
Nothing stops them ...
Table at edge Lumbardhi river
Quiet sleepy waiters
Bring the drink ecstasy satisfaction ...
Smiling boys
Always gentle wishing warm welcome
... One day
A day when I won’t breathe any more
Morning coffee will wonder asking
Where are ,they didn’t come yet
Fountain will curiously wait
Daily newspaper
Penultimate page
In memoriam without photo
Rest in peace our teacher ...
Our girlfriends Keji, Marash, Plane tree of Corner club
Will ask
What’s going on where are they place where
Teacher and his wife
Will observe-seeking hectic eye teared
Where are the symbols of the city ...
On the sky clouds get gathered
Emit compassion drops
While birds
Under the window of the room
Will expect
Hungry and wondering
They will be surprised chirping
Where is he we are waiting
Requiring food at the known places ...
Silent flints of the sun will glimmer on the castle
Roads still being cleared
Will ask
Who will drink the early morning coffee
Expect arrival
The silence is heard
Sunlight will bypass the desk ...
I know my dear bride
Eyes will weep smoking will accompany
Emotions got kneeled
Groan more painful than the pain
They will grieve you ...
Stony roads would expect
Lumbardhi river will long
Fountain insatiable love
Castles will look for the views
Icon-city will never forget the couple
Of the blindly lovers
Tell the city of the gentlemen
Satisfaction of the pearl
Mistresses queen princess
Will never forget ...
Dear wife you hear the duty
On the second floor of the corner club
Rather liked and loved place
Please read this poem
Remember me
Let the letters flow calmly down the river
Breeze convey written words
Down in the dark
I will look forward eager and longing ...
Up on the wall Hemingway-photo and Steinway piano
Guitar sounds gathered poets
Poems are listened in silence ...

tyran prizren spahiu
poetry verses

- poezi nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

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