They were cordinated by centuries
As the Romans as well as the Byzanties
The Otomans continued then Partisans
The mistery continued agony didn’t drown us.

The Dardan’ s light lightened the horizon
The blessing and the hope marked beginning
Love eruption of menhood excelled
Tomorrow is Alert’s day.

Mens’ echos reverberate the women
Mountain thunders ,thunders the fortress
Prays a child ,pray olders
Weapons speak Army talk...

Men decide menhood decides
Fields thrive mountains vibrate
Motherland is proud League of Prizren is legend
Albanian centuries the future is Albanians .

Child smiles , childhood smiles
Light explode future outbreaks
Child reborns, the Youth reborns
Kosovo celebrates Albanian celebration!

Translated and adapted by :

- poezi nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Nuk ka akoma asnjë votë