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Tema: Poezi Për Gëzim

Eh, Celebration!

... this night madness that must enrich us
table is beautiful the banquet of property
offered smiles of satisfaction greatness
yes, we want the best to always surround us ....

... old chap has family in the far in the world
is set to feel their nearness
seated by the computer to converse
congratulates the best being embraced by the warmth ....

... sitting in the restaurant they celebrate luxury
tables filled with food eye distract aren't
They are accustomed capricious taste
royal food enriches them too .....

uh ... at the end of the road two souls are united
sunk in poverty children expect them by the window
slowly and silently collect the remaining of the hotel
-Irritating smile feeds their hate .....

..this post that will accompany me in this cold night
silence wrapped me in my hot room
somewhere not to far there remain frozen
Poor children who require little food and alms.

- poezi nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

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