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Tyran And His Generation

Born near the fountain called Shadervan,
in that magical city, Prizren,
under fifteen, feelings won ,
education, politeness, kindness, virtues that grabbed me.

Voice of friends and acquaintances, strong echoes,
Behind are the trails of generations,
been discussed in coffee, bistro, promenade, friendly ,
ladies and gentlemen, moon boundless strength.

Escorted by the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin,
merged love the hippie generation,
youth covered with glad delight,
spilled the roads of education knowledge

Black clouds, silently landed,
faced this turmoil, you stayed stoic,
endured the hate, they underestimated you ,
you prevailed, this name remains loyal.
Sincerity, truthfulness, pure human nature,
today, again in you, are sublime virtues of the dreams
followed by virginity, villainess behavior,
You Tyran - You will be precious emblem of the generations ..

1954 +
Second World War, has just ended
Many traces are seen, deserted,

Work - this blessing word,
for impoverished citizens.
Are taken to informative interviews ,
highly educated people,
more have been follow,
constantly persecuted.

Harassment were very brutal,
cold water, electricity, heavy work,
above all cruelty,
covered with family threats.

Evenings, prepared the kitchen,
highly matured, cleansing plans have been adopted faster,
they acted, against unarmed people.
working , expelling , crippling ,
poison, venom are shed,
saying, that would be fine,
behind, kicking people.

- Poezi nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

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