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Tema: Poezi Për Gëzim

She, The Lady

truly, passionately,
with divine zeal,
started working...

I wrote,
for youth love,
deep satisfaction,
sadness and pain,
never ended lust ,
patriotism ...

And ...
I waited patiently,
time to judge,
to come,
and perhaps,
to be crowned,
It happened,
that night of anxiety,
I putted head between the hands,
wanted to know,
the real value,
the verdict of the poetess,
assessment of the giant !

Being electrified,
In my thoughts ,
I traveled away from home,
had necessarily to meet,
the emblem,
the Lady of the Letters....

THEY were,
sitting in coffee bar,
facing the League of Writers,
near Publishing House,
applauding ...
welcome Honored Poet,
Icon, beyond the thoughts ...

I watched,
being seized on her words ...

see poet,
valuable you are in this field,
publication ecstasy of the verses,
lead has to the paths,
towards the proper castle,

I am critic,
you, will get up high,
Preface of the Professor,
the enthusiasm,
without hesitation ...
beauty, homeland is embodied in you,
value should be raised,
the words will be painted specially,
adorned with the valuable words .

Engraved Master,
brought breath to my hut,
beautified Castle,
vision exchanged to light.
Promotion of the Graduation,
glasses were emptied, due to that occasion,
behold word could be heard.

Lady unfold criticism of evaluation,
recited were verses ,
antique lyra with seven strings,
endless ecstasy was tasted,
passion verses prevailed.

At the steps of the imagination,
he stood smiling,
Literature ...

Here, Icon Poet came to us,
The day he was adorned with Book and Friends.

Tyran Prizren Spahiu

- poezi nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

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