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Tema: Poezi Dashurie

If You Go !

Co habituated as two pearls
following the path of love,
nothing late has been left behind
you breastplate, have enriched my nest.

Learned to hear your footsteps
whispers, good morning,
even today the veranda awaits the companions
time to enjoy all the beauties.

I admit, afraid being of tomorrow
before me if you go,
painful is every passing moment
to retrieve how, the coexistence magic!

Age, gloomy separation approaches
seeking self confidence in my being,
I hardly imagine the moments
without you I will have be the abyss!

Hermit star that will quickly quench
I will be in with loneliness which disarranges ,
your tracks will try to find out in the bed
the endearments of life we wore .

I ask,
support where I should find ?
Your low voice that provides security,
powerful feeling where to embrace
show me, my Dear Lady Angel.

Lost I will be, embracing loneliness
tired of boredom, wander without hope,
will seek your shadow at dawn
drunk from the remaining time of life.

If you go before me
end-death I will ask,
breathing to torture me
try up the road in eternity to find you!

No no, don’t hurry, do not go away
my crying will hear, calling you terribly,
after you I want to come, allow me
end together, avoiding the poorness of the soul.

Tyran Prizren Spahiu
Poetic verse X

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- poezi nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

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