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Sir, Alfred Nobel


I came to your well-groomed grave
silently, calmly covered,
allow me to colloquy
the words worrying me to penetrate.

You are in eternity, perhaps disappointed
the years flow, your name stands stoic,
in this conglomerate rocks remember you
but, the less valuable stones also find place.

You say, take care of the meritorious
jury, don't be away from the real merits,
wrap me on the sheet to not know
do not want to see the black stains!

From the time you are Afraid
your shadow wanders hopeless,
requires purification, source of eternity
judges the unrighteous, the winner that explodes.

I’ ll tell you, see again the sun went under the clouds,
I do not know, maybe it is a sinner
or even is ashamed
cries hidden behind your sheet.

One day, chess figures will find a place
the king of knowledge will dance the last waltz,
rest in silence, the knight of strength
to kingdom of technology, you have given hope.

I do promise, you will be freed from sinners
he / she boasting are with prize,
anathematized will be up to the day of judgment
Nobel Prize judges , mercenaries of price hunters!
Refused Nobel Prize in Literature 1964
Jean-Paul Sartre

- poezi nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

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