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Tema: Poezi Për Trishtim

I Feel Pain

Blackened are feelings
confused, disappointed, desperate
extremely disgraced
said .. cup is filled
I look for friendships to drink
trying concerns to deflect!
Tomorrow maybe
I do not know, I just say maybe
I will try to stretch the hand of the beggar
penny one, two, will be given
air, water, I have from the Great Lord
I know,
down at the bridge of hope
homeless are waiting for me
yes, I know, they are there
my friends, soul-disgraced!

you poet, please do write this too,
I, without the homeland, I do have nothing!

I looked at him, speechless
having a sensitive nature
money, fortune for me are strange
in me, I do feel love
for the poor, beggars down at the abyss!
Hardly surviving ...

My hands are trembling
shelter, the letters can not find
in the spirit I feel terrified
my hot room scolds me
I have closed my eyes,
trying to get away from the time of crime
to pour tear, one, two
can not, my feelings are frozen !!!!

- Poezi nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

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