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Unikkatil - If I Die, You Die  Lyrics

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Shut the fuck up, I"M talkin, I"M about to fucking kill (like dragon)
You don't know me but you will (Mental Case)
It's that crazy mothafucka coming straight from New York,
makin all you fuckin anemies, runnin like ( ? )
See it's easy to speak but so fuckin hard to do
The grave yard is full of mofuckers like you
Actin tuff talkin shit, smokin dirt got you slow
You shouldn't f*ck with what you don't know
Blood, blood is all you see, I'm sorry, you shouldn've never fucked with me
I'm about to show you that you ain't got no friends, cuz all your so called friends is now shittin on their pants
Im a piss your grave when you die, and I'ma let ur mama know that she can't even cry (Shut up bitch)
It's the two headed eagle, better watch tour back, i'm about to attack, dressed red and black

Bullets holes , i'm getting left calls, who the fuck are you?
I know I might die but I know who you are, so I'm gonna take you too

Fuckin with west got u thinking your strong, step up and let me show u whats'going on
You say you got guns n'shit and thats'good I"m a stick them up your ass, so make that understood
I kill for beef and not for money, unless is mine, cuz if it's mine, I'll kill for one dime
Ask my mofucking brother, word to your mother, you'll be runnin for cover ,I swear to god yo
Tryin to make my dead albanians rest in peace, but they wont, 'till I slaughter all my enemies
You mothafuckin right I"m a mothafuckin terrorist, I'm a cut your fuckin throat and add some salt
I'm that mothafucka from Kosov, called Rebel, stick like a tic until I get my shit, now do it quick
And I'm a smoke till I choke, if you think it's a joke, than mothafucka you get smoked

Bullet holes, i'm getting left calls, who the f*ck are you?
I know I might die but I knwo who you are, so I'm a take you too

Do you really think that you can't be touched cuz if you do you should pray
I see punks like you everyday, so pay ettention to what I say
I know alot of mofuckers who said they can't be touched, and now they burn in hell
I knew alot of fuckin idiots who used to live on top and in the end they just fell
So stop fuckin dreaming and be real for once, u gotta get the balls before you buy the guns.
You might call this hell, but I call this heaven, cuz I"ve been thru a war, I think I've seen the devil
My lines cannot trick you, I know it did, but I"m a mothafuckin granade, with no fuckin lid
And it's not just me, I got alotta brothas, terrorits, killaz, mafiaz, drug dealaz
And most of them soldiers they used to be rebels, living by the mothafuckin gun
So if you ever even think about fuckin with albanians, I swear to god you gotta run

Bullet holes, i'm getting left calls,
who the f*ck are you?
I know I might die but I knwo who you are,
so I'm gonna take you too

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