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Unikkatil - Causing Trauma

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Time to take the thrown, causing of some trauma
Rebel bring more drama than King Kong's mama
You week, you geek, your prostate leaks
I'm religious when I speak
If I smack you turn the other cheek
I am too much to cope with, then broke don't provoke
Who gives a f**k about what you smoke?
Pussy-wussy you a joke
You will still get cursed with a nurse
And I don't need to be a gangsta being Albanian's even worse
So you can take your game and slain this
And show it up your anus
We might just stand up painless8
Well, I am thanking my stainless
Now let me explain this, I won't make it painless
Cause pain is what the name of this game is
And Shqipe's got my back through whatever shit I do
Before I even look at you, baby-walking at your crew In the name of the Father, the Son and the holy ghost...
your ass is tosted
We stick together

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2019-05-01 19:19:37
You will still get
cursed with a nurse
And I don't need to be a gangsta
Being Albanian's even worse

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