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Unikkatil - Freestyle  Lyrics

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Jou Jou Jou what's up
It's REBEL a.k.a UniKKaTiL This Freestyle is exclusively for my man sport billian URBAN FM
One of three points five Yeah check this shit out Youh

You're mentally confuse you're verbally abuse
You're physically defuse you're scary shit a loser
You bitches can't fuck with R I leave u with a scar and that bunke
Rap TBA the bloody alboz u fag wanna know what the fuck that stands For we cut u up in pieces they told ya where the beast is
Rebel got his eye on you call up for Jesus
Ain't no tomorrow when u fuck with bones borrowed
No I ain't from Queens but I show keep it
I thought I told ya fags and that on the line fuck your gang sign
Imma wet any kind
BX's fines , leave bitches spineless your house so will have one like Whether u would die or so cold thug
picks rebel off I'm gonna squash u like a bug
If you don't have a gun here bitch I give u one
No matter what you've done u I'll make u my son
Look at my Fam. Tree we all Belagji , you wanna know who run this
that would be me , R to the E B E L
It ain't hot to tell I make ur body smell , You hate the church bell
you mom buy a swell we never a Rebel you know I came from hell
Bloody alboz that mo'fuckin' ReBel YEahhh

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