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Vj - Big Fat Bass

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SVFM 2014

i dont want hear what people say
they keep stay on my way
i got game i gotta play
i told ya bitch get outta my way
they been talkin shit shit
since im chillin at my crib i make money not a problem u a fagot n a bitch ..
im chillin chillin chillin chillin u a loser and im whos winnin
winnin winnin yes whos winnin yes im losser but u not winnin
i got those bottel in my hand they been poppin in the air i got the beat make me dance made by Zzap n Chriss hands
im chillin im chillin
mother fuckin big fat bass
all of you can see us jumpin
since they takin we are shopping
take that , drink that, bring that , steal that i mean pay that u fattt ass
meet us in a club its goin down meet us in a club its goin down down
promise ya will bring this back u said im small but i got fatt ass
tell ur friend i wanna meet up i heard he's cool
but his dad is cop
i kinnda dislike but i cant do shit was wondering to take it or leave it...
leave it leave yes ill leave it havin so much fun u wouldent belive it
u think we playin well thats worng we goin hard u like Owww Noo!
Vj chillin chillin what more can i say say
Vj chillin all ya chillin what more can i say say
Mother fuckin big fat bass!!!!

Lyrics submited by Lindoni22

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