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Aldo Shllaku

Aldo Shllaku
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Aldo Shllaku është autor këngësh shumë i njohur. Born in Albania, Aldo Shllaku began studying music at an early age. The exposure to the theater and figurative arts, defined the artistic path that Aldo was to follow, leading him first to Greece and then to Canada. A classically-trained film composer, Aldo holds a degree in music composition from Université de Montréal, during which time he was part of an international selection of composers for the New Music Sessions, in collaboration with Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne. Once in Los Angeles, Aldo completed the prestigious Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television Graduate Program at the University of Southern California (USC), where he was awarded the program's highest honor, the Harry Warren Award. Aldo has composed music for more than a dozen feature films, documentaries, and TV programs. His music can be heard in films such as, The Blue Hour (Alyssa Milano, Clarence Williams III), On a Dark and Stormy Night (Juan Redinger), Caved In (Christopher Atkins, Colm Meaney), and Kill the Habit (Lili Mirojnick, Maria-Elena Laas). Aldo has been awarded five Gold Medals for Excellence at the Park City Film Music Festival for his original music for Pirate for the Sea (Ron Colby, dir.), Still Water (Elina Fessa, dir.), Trespassing (Carlos DeMenezes, dir.), A Kiss on the Nose (Laura Neri, dir.) and Paperboat (Daphne Lambrinou, dir.). Aldo's innate talent and eclectic musical vocabulary have created scores that have been described as evocative, sophisticated, poignant and ultimately satisfying.

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