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Envinion është video produksion i njohur. PRE PRODUCTION
Our team of creatives love to brainstorm ideas for projects both big and small. Give us the brief and we’ll bring it to life. From concepts and storyboards, right through to casting, location scouting, and scriptwriting, you can rest assured that we will guide you through every step of your project.

Quite simply, our crew are the best in the business. They have covered major events, concerts and broadcasts as well as having worked on a multitude of Television programs. They are passionate about their craft and treat every project with dedication and respect.

Our in-house post production facilities offer the latest and fastest software and equipment. From colour grading to motion graphics to animation, our post production experts are always exploring and building their knowledge to ensure the end results exceed expectations.

No matter what the platform, whether it be for television broadcast or the web, we ensure your project is delivered in the appropriate format. We can also assist you in publishing your video through website and social media platforms, or provide your finished project on USB or DVD.

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