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Linkin Park - Maria Belka

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Gjuha origjinale e këngës

Teksti origjinal i këngës
What to I do to ignore them behind me?
Do I follow my instincts blindly?
Do I trust something with my phoniness?
Or do I trust nobody and live in loneliness?
Because I canÂ’t hold on when IÂ’m stretched somethinÂ’
I made the right moves, but IÂ’ve lost within
You always must to hurt me in
YouÂ’re blind to see I love you
By Yourself!

Pre Chorus:
How do you think?
IÂ’ve lost so much
So afraid, IÂ’m out of touch,
How do you expect?
I will know what to do
When all I know is what you tell me to!

Once IÂ’ve ran to you, IÂ’ve ran, now I run from you
This Tainted love you give me, I took it as UNRETURNED
Take my tears and go to hell!
Why, why, why donÂ’t you try to love me?
Unreturned Love, love, love
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