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Lil Wayne - Leather So Soft Lyrics

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[Lil Wayne:]

Yeah money...

My leather so soft. My tops too soft. I probaly have it off.
These ni**as so soft. And I go so hard.
Bi**h I go so hard.
She says my leather so soft. My tops so soft.
I probaly have it all. These ni**as so soft.
And I go so hard. (Bi**h I go so hard)

I get money hoe, f**k what you talking bout,
Straight out the slaughterhouse.
Straight out the dragons mouth.
Fire you cant put out. Tires that standin out
The coop look pidgeon toed. I be in a different mode
I be with a different hoes no I mean those different hoes.
I mean them weezy bumbaclat different hoes
And as far as terrific goes,
they kiss that dick with no missle toes
Diamonds and pearls and pussy hoes snortin coke
till their nose bleeds
Im sittin high on them inches, im in the nose bleeds
Im on a paper chase, until my toes bleed
Then I get on these beats, and let my soul bleed
I put em in your head. And watch the hoes bleed
My rag always red like when them hoes bleed
Now that's cold bleed. No, I mean cold-blooded
And im so southern and that's why my leathers so soft

[:: CHORUS ::]

She's soft as a bush ni**a
She purple like kush ni**a
we high on that money ni**a
We get it from cook ni**a
Hit em wit that crook ni**a
F**kin wit crooks ni**a
Know we bought that money and we stackin
like books ni**a
Know what I do ni**a
Them tear drops are true ni**a
We stay so fly, rob bentley coupes ni**a
Rolls Royce canishas, and asses by the beaches
Blowin on that puff, and we drivin foreign features
Higher than whoever ni**a,
Know we bout that cheddar ni**a
Know I gotta Tommy gun gave one to my youngen son
And we got it together, 47 51,
you gonn hear us when we come daddy

[:: CHORUS ::]

[Lil Wayne:]
You see the paper gon' come, if not im gon' get it.
I gotta die with money cuz I wasn't born with it.
It was 9/27, 82 baby due charity, hospital,
AKA the city zoo no pity due to no one nobody,
not all man, they drop us in the game and
everybody's tryin to ball
And the small hand a touch ya the large hand a cut ya.
But until that day, I be a mutha f**kin stunna.

Ball till I fall, I done did it for my dogs
Ball till I fall, I done did it for yall
Ball till I fall, I done did it for me ni**a
Ball till I fall, that's the way its gonn be ni**a
Up in the early I done did it for sunshine
Candy on the paint, every time I touch mine
nine stays cocked, cuz im good with fine mines
Alligator with the swades, ridin them 25s


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Lil Wayne
Publikimi: 28/04/2006

Lil Wayne - Leather So Soft
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