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Tomor Berisha
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Tomor Berisha është autor këngësh i njohur. He is without doubt one of the mos successful composeres in genres such as folk spirit, pop melodies and entertainment music and arrangement. During elementary school studies, he took private music lessons. After music school, he studied further at the Music Academy in Belgrade in the theoretical-pedagogy. After his studies he worked for several years as a redactor and producer at Pristina's television section for popular music. At the same time he worked as a composer, arranger, kapellmeister and pianist. His works as a composer consists of children's songs, folk songs, pop songs and popular music music is of great magnitude. He has processed several folk songs for RTV Pristina and he also worked for Zagreb's famous String Quartet Stratik. Han has published two collections of famous Albanian folk songs, pop melodies and music. Additionally, he composed several solo songs for tenor, chorus and orchestra. He has participated in most music festivals and competitions in and Kosovo and got a high number of prizes and awards. The most significant price he received was the Audience Award in the music festival "Akordet e Kosoves" of 1971 with the song |Fluturo nga kafazi" with lyrics by Jusuf Gervalla and The Interpretation of Gani Miftari. As of Today he works at the music high school in Pristina and is a member in Kosovo's Composers association. He participated in a large number of festival in most of which he was awarded. He has also published two books:

"Kenge dhe Melodi Instrumentale (Valle) te zgjedhura shqipe ne frymen e melosit popullor" (Songs And Instrumental Melodies in the spirit of the Albanian Melos)
"Melodi te lehta shqipe te paharruara dhe pjese te popullarizuara te muzikes serioze" (Unforgettable melodies of popular Classical music).

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