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Noizy - Gunz Up (Remix)

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Gunz up

I`m the motherfucking greatest

Me i come back again
Like the hardness in the market
Gunz up
You don`t wanna be
My traget
Gunz up
You better know
When you walking
Throught my endz
Gunz up
Rude boys that
Always causing violence
Gunz up
I`am the hardness in the market
You dont wanna be my traget
Better know when you walking throught mu endz
Rude boyz alaways causing violence
This is the block life
Where gunz
Barkin all time
You`re not
From these roads
I suggest to think twic
Can`t walk and think
That you`re safe
Cause it`s not nice
Get jacked get hit
We hustling the hole time
Don`t think we`re proud
Cause we live in this
Fucking life
We didn`t choose this
They left us behind
No work for street boyz
We work for street toyz
Your time it`s money and
My time it`s to eat yours
No fear inside me
You don`t want to try me
Stomach it`s full but
My eyez are hungry
Never i`m smiling
Nothing it`s funny
Your kindz live large but
My kidz are hungry
Take off you`re damn chain
Or i let off my darling
She does things for me
Coz i tell her i`m starving
She`s black and she`s shiny
I named her my tinny
She feeds ofthe metal
That i put inside it.

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