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50 Cent - Till I Collapse Lyrics

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G-g-g G Unit!
50 Cent
The Dream Team
We gotta get the "Get Well" cards
Niggas is sick
Feel this
Motion picture shit

[50 Cent]
Now don't think I won't hit ya 'cause I'm popular
I got a P90 rule, gonna pop at ya
Catch ya slippin', I'mma give ya what I got for ya
My clip loaded with 16 shots for ya
You never had a hot gun on your waste and blood on your shoe
'Cause a nigga went and said the wrong shit to you
Homie you ain't been through, what I been through
You not like me and I'm not like you (ha!)
I'm like an animal with it when I spit it, it's crazy
Got semi-autos and put holes in niggas tryna play me
One shot is not enough, you need at least an uzi to move me
After four bottles of "Don," the kid start feelin' woozie
I write my life, you write what you seen in gangsta movies
I'm gangsta to the core, nigga you can't move me
I find my space at the top
I got this rap shit locked
I never heard of you, you heard of me
I murder you, spray shells through your convertible
Lotus, you notice
Rich or poor, hollows still go through your door
This is war
You scared of me, you not prepared for me
The kid is back, 50 Cent
I know you like that, yea I know you like that

Soon as a verse starts i eat at MC's heart
what is he thinkin? how not to go against me smart
and its absurd how people hang on every word
I'll probably never get the props i feel i ever deserve
but I'll never be served
my spot is forever reserved
if i ever leave earth
that would be the death of me first
cuz in my heart of hearts i know nothin
could ever be worse
thats why im clever when i put together every verse
my thoughts are sporatic
i act like im an addict
i rap like am addicted to smack
like im kim mathers
but i dont wanan go forth and back
in constant battles
the fact is i would rather sit back
and bomb some rappers
so this is like a full blown attack
im launching at 'em
the track is on some battleing
rap who want some static
cuz i dont really think that the fact that im Slim matters
a plaque in platinum status is wack if im not the baddest

Till the roof comes off
till the lights go out
till my legs give out
cant shut my mouth
till the smoke clears out
and my high burns out
I'ma rip this shit
till my bone collapse
till the roof comes off
till the lights go out
till my legs give out
cant shut my mouth
till the smoke clears out
and my high burns out
I'ma rip this shit
till my bone collapse

until the roof, the roof comes off
until my legs, give out from underneath me
I, i will not fall
i will stand tall
feels like no one can beat me

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50 Cent
Publikimi: 01/01/2007

50 Cent - Till I Collapse
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