All My Alboz
(Feat. Dren, Big T, Pure Valone & Mr.Pm)

i roll a blunt then i focus on the beat
you smell a skunk it must be the weed
we ride we hustle we been thru the struggle
no matter what you overcome
you got to stay humble

you got to keep your head up
my double eagle stay up
and all you bitches talking shit
you just waking my dick up hahaha
so fuck what you gotta say
i bring it to your block
any minute any day

and then i come and i gotta go
throw spit and slap em
keep it movin
ose gojes ta japem
hit the city down the block
same city different night
hit the telly get a dutchie
cuz these bitches wanna kite
then i get back to the mic
i let em i spit em nice
my bars got bars
nigga better play my shit twice
haaaa listen listen
chop his head on the kitchen

im all around the world tryin to get to it
you all up in my business im your influence

we are big we are tellers
we good crows we ggood killers
live a body body you shot have lot a
im the best nigga
sov when the lights off

all my alboz gettin money
sippin jagger gettin bloody
the streets are all that i know no no no
bitch im build go nononon
and all my alboz gettin money
we stay real and keep it hunny
fuck my haters say nonono
chapa reng wowowoo