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John Cena - Just Another Day

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This is just another day in life
Seven flight connectors-past due bill collectors
This is just another day in life
Mo' money mo money-and I ain't got money to solve 'em
This is just another day life
Gettin mobbed by fans-man nobody even knows who I am
This is just another day
This is just another day.......
In my life
(Verse) They think I'm super rich now doin it big, yeah right look at me I like a damn pig. Tryin to find away to get money in my pockets, doin anything I can, makin balloon animals or sellin bottle rockets. Just because u seen me on t.v. bein funny, I don't have shit I'm faded like Bugs Bunny. I wish I did have money to get a Happy Meal, tryin to be a rapper but ain't nobody givin me a deal. Livin so low under the poverty line, being powe is kinda makin me blind. Tryin to hit the mall fo the day could end, but ain't nobody around I ain't got no friends.

(Verse) People think I'm doin it big livin life like a star, yeah right kid look at my damn car. My life is whack and I'm ready to have a heart-attack, somebody give me CPR lay me on my damn back. You should see how much rent I owe, I guess my landlord don't know that I'm half-near powe. Look at the house it's almost gone man, I'm really close from livin on slick land.

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