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Kid Gashi - MFSO  Lyrics

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First Verse:

Bitch I Been The One
Speak My Mind Never Bite My Tongue,
Speak For The Blind And Ive Been The Chronic To Your Mother Fucking Lungs
Never Let Shit Slide Shit Slide
To My Enemies I Play The Rug
Get Burned Quick Tryna Pull That Stunt
Never Love And I Never Trust
My Shit Drop Better Duck
Im So Faded Im So Blunt
Bitch Get Naked Time To Fuck
Slide In To Her Like A Puck
Do It To My Time Is Up
Had A Dream With Out No Buck
Jerk Me Now Eat A Nut
Cause They See Im Heatin Up
Blow My Phone Like Its Full Of Dust
Time To Leave Peace I Chuck
Getting Up They Start To Suck
Listen Up Gettin Buzz
Money Bout To Triple Up
Pour It Up In My Cup
Turn Ya Wifey To A Slut
Tore It Up In My Truck
Flip My Bird Dont Give A Fuck

Hook: Im Riding On My Enemies
Stacking All My Dreams Up In My Favorite Jeans
If You Aint Tryna Ride
Then You Gotta Leave
Middle Finger Out My Window
Screaming Fuck Fuck Fuck My Enemies
Fuck My Enemies, Fuck Em

Second Verse:
Bitch Im In Control
Aint Rich But Got My Soul
Seen The Realest People Fold
So My Secrets Never Told
Im Afraid Of Getting Old
All Alone When You Broke
Thats Why I Count Money Fuck Hoes
Got Four Numbers Up In My Phone
Mom Dad Sis Bro
Ready Ready Set Set Go
Everybody Wanna Talk Like They Know But
What The Fuck Fuck Do They Know
Taking A Vicodin,
They Fake Like Trifling
Friends Im Recycling
Money Vitamin All I See Is Green Like Im Trapped Inside A Heineken
When You See Me You Know Im Always In The Latest
Ask Your Girl She Gon Tell You That I Am Her Favorite
You A Fake Bitch, See A Hundred Faces
Brooklyn Be The Place Kid
Come And Get Ya Face Lift

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