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Kid Gashi - No Favors  Lyrics

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Im in my zone
Always alone
Never lonely though (nah)
And fuck these hoes!
Cause they ain't called my phone
When i was broke
And now im moven it quick
4 days 3 nights 2 flights more than one bitch
Doing my thing
Committing these sins
Hoping that GOD dont start burning my wings
Trying to get rich
Im trying to get whips
These haters get pissed and they wanting my chips
Trying to shoot me from my neck up like a big bitch up in a pic
And im back up on my block
And a regular job
They asking why i still ain't pop!?
Why i still ain't hot!?
Cause i dont suck no cock
And i still believe in my GOD
What you worried about me!?
Ima find a way to the guop (ahh)
Fuck these bitches i put these holes in them
I dont burn bridges i put tolls in em (better pay up)
Do me a favor dont do me no more favors
No sleep balling means you gotta lay up


Real friends dont count favors x4
Yeah yeah yah yah yeah
Yeah yeah yah yah yah yah
Yeah yeah yah yah
Yeah yeah yah yah yeah

And i ain't perfect
But im worth it
I found my purpose i deserve it
And i ain't calm
Im still hurting
My moms still working
So that means its just no sleep!
Im running and gunning the whole week
Been thugin its nothing to ogs
Head up to the sky like nose bleeds
Fuck phonies
No mercy and no homies
On a plane alone so lowkey
Lames get made they chose me
Fuck yo beats i got smokie
I got success myles cold beats
Albanian girls loven me od
Hold down weight fuck whole wheat
Put money where my mouth is copped gold teeth
Streets dont share its no peace
Had no body so boney
These wolves go broke for goat tees
This booth gon get my rollie
They got they hands out like you owe me
My dick out like blow!
Im moven it quick and im chasen these chips
By myself you a toadie
You thought that i screwed up
Til my money got jewed up
Now all these girls want to screw us
On my chris wink shit i blew up
And im gone!

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