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Kid Gashi - Laughin  Lyrics

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Very well
Where do I begin?
(Strange Voice)

[Verse 1: G4shi]
Getting stoned as I trash some beats
Gave my pillow some dome really trying catch some sleep
Cause like a blind man its the only time i see ... my dreams...lights beam...my cream..my queen my din...
I just gotta get it man fuck trying these haters get one timed...
For having the thought of crossing the line
I'm from the streets of Brooklyn run a train on your dime
Blow ya brains out to make sure you never mind
I bag ya bitch in sweats kid suck her left tit
Don't stop bitch give me all that nesquick
Driving that x6
Stuntin on my ex chicks
Rollin with the fresh clique
Peep the way we dress kid
Can't be broke when you picky live in NYC and roll with a bunch of Brittney's that like to do lots of Lindsey
Keep that pussy wet like willy got more stones than a fucked up kidney
Said they wasn't fuckin' with me feel like dirt the way they dig me

[Hook: G4shi]
They tried to put me down
They tried to put me downnn
I'm laughing out you now
I'm laughing at you nowww
I'm laughing at you now
I'm laughing at you now
Oh ahhhhhhhh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

[Verse 2: G4shi]
I'm from the brook where ain't nobody shook
Start to bleed if you puss take you out like they can't cook
Wasn't a fisherman but always had a hook
As soon as they get out of line
Get flipped like a page in the book
Remember days with no bread
And I was feeling so stressed
Summer time ballin' like the homie Ron Artest
Ball on deck pool color new garnets
Ain't nobody gave a damn about the way I dressed
Now everybody a reefer head
Everybody a sneaker head
Forget what Mohammed and Jesus said
God is what they call they bread
Stuck in the hood like gum on desk
Kids walking around possessed
Tattooing they face and head
Trying to follow every trend
Like a meter on a Sunday this shit just make no sense
If you frail and pussy homie we cannot be friends
Blame the liquor for flying crooked that just means you bent
I got no love for those who kiss and and suck dick for that check


[Ending Bridge: G4shi]
They want to know where I'm from where I'm from
What school did I go to
What hood I grew up in
And why and who what and where and a how
Let me show you the places I'm talking about

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