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Killua - Demons  Lyrics

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You know I got a, skewed perception
Of who's an angel or a demon
Yall shoutin keep em in
While my peoples shoutin 'free him'
Because these niggas don't get
That they were saved by the tech
Oh yeah so show some respect
Before you call them suspects
'cause homicide is justified
And yall be actin so surprised
To see me on them front lines
Because i'm lowkey
It's nothin new to people that know me
I'm an OG
Was on that passive shit
But that's the old me
Now i'm cold as loki when I need to be
Run up in ya f**kin hood like i'm Tobi
Yeah I got a sharingan to see through all you phonnies
You think i'm with the shits?
Step up to my homies
I'm not a shooter but these niggas don't play around
Unless they do it first don't even move or make a sound
When you hear that cold steel
Better hit the ground
They'll put you down
They all around so duck ya head
Cuz all my friends been demons for a minute now

With the blade
Like I'm Slade
Pull it out f**k up your day
Any time
Any place
Think shit sweet that's not the case
Take the work
Take the car
Leave a note know who we are
Playin bi**hes like guitars
Cut up ops with throwing stars
Got the bottles like a bar
Got that lean on planet mars
Got your bi**h she take it hard
Like a test
Walk with a vest, aye
I'm not the same as the rest, aye
Pussy boy standin correct, aye
I'll read ya mind like a text, aye
I got them hitters on deck, aye
I got the dogs like a vet, aye
Killua cashin them checks, aye
These bi**hes think they the best, aye
Coffie comin for ya neck

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