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Leona Lewis - I'm You  Lyrics

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How many Times Are you gonna take it
look in my eyes Help me make this make sense
Night after Night I sit up and Cry Wondering when your gonna
see things clearer U Don't even realize at this very moment ur
talking to yourself in the mirror

Its true
So u think I'm strong and your feeling that your weak
Baby i'm you
But were one in the same so your just as strong as me
Baby Im You
And we deserve better Its time for us to Live
You know what to do cause i'm not a fool So neither are you
Baby I'm You

Oh your not Crazy
You finally realized that you and I Is all the help
you need So why were here sitting here on the floor
(Listen to me) We ain't playin no more
I am your soul I am your Heart My Strength is yours


So pick your self up right know
we've been here to long
We've over stayed in the dark
that might have been Been a long time long ago
So wipe away the tears ain't nothing for our tears
The time has come to move on
baby we deserve better
And Were far to strong to let this go on
Baby i'm You


baby Im You (3x)

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