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Noizy - I'm Going In  (Feat. Super Kid)  Lyrics

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i'm goin in
where the fuck i been,
they never seen me but they miss me
like i'm a part of them,

the game was kinda borin so i had to blend in,
the world fuckin loves me i cant just pretend,
i'm real to the bone - ill with the tone,
I'm known as a rider - not the type to moan,

i'm psykoo - no i'm just bein sarcastic,
you looking so mad for and i aint even started,
fuuuck - the fuck you madd at me for,
just coz i made it and your stil on the G floor,

egoo - im a hungry bear,
You see I never feel sory so i never feel fear,
oh dear - where the fucki been,
these bitches so soft i think i'm goin in again,in again, in again
these bitches so soft I think I'm goin' in again, in again... like...

I'm goin' in, Bitch I'm Goin In (Girl)
Get it Girl I will take all your Friends (Now)
Break it, blazin' make you call the feds (Now)
You can't even get where I'm In! (Ouch)
(Eyo Zim, make sure they hear me this time!)
I tought I told y'a I'm far from Over
Good Girls got to get down with a souljah
Hold Up! I'mma make you say Oh Lord!
AK 47 straigh's about to blow up!
Yeah... Yeah... Cause This is Just the Warning for the Album Yeah!
That's it...
You don't know, Pussy... (Durim Kids Screaming ;D)

Then You're such an Idiot You know Y'a

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