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T.I. - Pimp  (Feat. Pimp C & Too Short)  Lyrics

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hole up smoek some bi*ch
sweet Jones
sneacker with that

she s*cked on my di*k she leaked all but
wife that bi*ch she the neighborhood slut
you really shoudl be trust me ..
they good ..

she told me don't ..keep it on the low low
i make a ..down on the floor
show me what you're working with
gonna .. who's the whole ..
what a body .. do what i please you do what you cna
she can't on my knees i'm gonan tell her man
everythign line in a .. for the day
you plan with a paper you might cream ..
..is awhole different category
we dont' do babies on the grown ladies
so if you wanna get your back not die
baby hit you in the but and then put it in your ..

this bi*ch pimpin five from sixwomen had bi*ches
and my di*k still .. 35 minutes
finished jacket ..why it kiss it moah
her magic bad bi*ches all voer the ..
what answers like Serena ..like ..
..and drop ti taste like ..say ti taste like ..
home patron .. came ..have fun watch
call it big daddy ..said we f*xck a lot of ..
get do it ..and they dont' care who do
they just do it
like ..pimp say the ..
bi*ches do whatever we say ok

pimp pimp pimp pimp ..

she got a big mouth and she talk too much
i got a big di*k that love to be **
it gonna eb a match ..heaven
something liek soulmates
we have a lot of sets but we don't go ..
and i can't tell a homies i wish i could
but i can't 'cause the bi*ch is too good
i'm a ..she's an over cheater
and i know when i see her
she won't stop till i ..
i used to liek sex in the bed
then i ..freaky girls
now i got everybody ..so
she can get even what a penies on
i'ml;ookign for a p**sy i just wanna ...

pimp pimp pimp ...

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